Ukraine: War, Corruption, and Inequality

This is the webpage for the project: Influence of party ideology and characteristics of parliamentarians on legislative actions on war, corruption and inequality in Ukraine [Wpływ ideologii partii i charakterystyk parlamentarzystów na działania ustawodawcze w sprawie wojny, korupcji i nierówności na Ukrainie].

All research in this webpage was funded by the Preludium grant of the National Science Centre, Poland. Project number: 2017/25/N/HS6/01174.

Principle Investigator: Nika Palaguta, Graduate School for Social Research, Polish Academy of Sciences

Project Description and Main Findings: War, Corruption, and Inequality in Ukraine

Data: Party issue positions and legislative actions on war, corruption and inequality in Ukraine, 2002 -2018 available at ADS Polish Social Data Archive

Workshop (April 2019): Women’s Political Inequality in Poland and Ukraine: Theory Statements and Empirical Research.

Dissemination of Results to the Public. Special Reports:

Presentations at International Conferences